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about me 


Sherylene McDonald

I have been working as a graphic design freelancer since 2012. I love to make my clients happy and pride myself on being easy to work with, creative, and professional. I design infographics, icons, brochures, flyers, white papers, case studies, and illustrations.

GRAPHIC DESIGN/MARKETING EXPERIENCE: Before I was freelancing, I was in charge of a marketing department at a retail business for over 2 years. I was responsible for all the graphic design. This included store signage, logos, branding, t-shirt designs, brochures, icons, and print collateral. I was in charge of all the business marketing. This included press releases, promoting in-store events, building contact lists, weekly mass emails, coupons, specials, social media (Facebook and Twitter), updating online directories, and line charts showing the similarities in marketing and sales.


PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE: For over 2 years, I worked in a professional photography studio doing everything from photo shoots, photo manipulation, photo editing, and marketing flyers. Before that, I was working in photo labs and photo restoration.


SCHOOL AND EXTRAS: I have a Washington State University bachelor's degree in digital media and a minor in advertising. While earning my bachelor’s degree at Washington State University, I studied Renaissance art history and graphic illustration at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy.

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